Point-to-point, Germanium transistors, Vishay, Cliff, Alpha, Vovox Cable, Allen Bradley, Carbon composite, "Hot-molded carbon", Mil-spec Paper In Oil, natural sound, NO clone but based on the best and legend classic analog device - it is all about  our pedals... 


Hot Bender  Fuzz

FIRST IN THE WORLD  fuzz with 3pc germanium transistor,  without "motorboat" noise and with standard 9v power!

 Of course Sound is perfect!


Booost  "Sweet butter" 


​Hi class treble booster pedal based on the classic "Rangemaster"  in modern view. 


Electra   overdrive 


The most musical overdrive pedal  you've ever heard! 

This pedal don't kill tube sound, don't eating dynamics but give you litle more gain or/and level without change your based tone.