Fortress "Freya"


• High-end philosophy all tube  2 channels guitar amplifier

• Amazing verstality tone control

• Absolutly gain control: from clean to extreme metal

• Vintage shaped 3D like clean channel

• Deep/warm spacious overdrive with great punch

• Unprecedented musical component on high-gain 

• Excellent/full tone on lower volume 

• Adequate performance with madnes low/dropped tunings

• Crazy fast pick sensitivity and response

• Crystal clear solid state unadulterated Effects Loop

• Relatively small size and weight

• Military grade construction and reliability

• 5 year Manufacturers Warranty


• Power output: 60-Watt

• Tube Compliment: 3 x 12AX7/ECC83 + EL34/KT77 (matched pair)

• Serial Effects Loop: Pro-line level

• Output Impedance: 4, 8 and 16 Ohms

• Footswitch: 1-button for channel select, LED

• Dimensions: 50 х 22,5 х 21,5 cm

• Weight: 15kg


The idea behind it was to create tone as we visualized (or should we say audiated) it in our heads after years of working with and modding

 some of the world’s finestamps. You know that sweet warm and spacious distortion you sometimeshear on mastered records, yet find 

rarely possible to achieve live with yoursetup? 6 years of design and 2 years of tweaking and fine tuning...We were aiming for that tone. And we pretty much nailed it.

Due to the nature of Fortress schematic and specialty components the string separation and clarity even on highest gain settings are ridiculous! Strum a full string open chord after playing chuggy palm mutes…

Another key requirement for the amp was the richness of the clean channel.

Most channel switching amps sacrifice quality cleans. It is very rare for a multi-channel amp to have its clean tone on par with single channel vintage amps. Yet, cleans of the Freya truly came out absolutely amazing! Lush and very three-dimensional!

The amplifier turned out to be small and light, which is a plus for a lot of gigging musicians. Its design is simple and very

reliable. It was designed with a large safety margin.

Fortress will allow you to concentrate solely on the music and inspire you with its tone!