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 Fortress amplification is a boutique company founded by Vadim Novikov  and Valery Ryazantsev.


Valery - is the brains behind all the circuits and engineering. One and only assembler.


Vadim - is testing and adjuster, design and promotion.



 The idea behind it was to create tone as  we visualized (or should we say audiated) it in our heads  after many years of working with  best of and modding some  of the world’s  finest amps.

 Vintage equipment is gradually becoming unusable, but what is now offered by mass market corporations is totaly  downshifting and real obscurantism. Glory to professionals and enthusiasts who treat production with responsibility and total dedication!

 We want to make our own contribution to the preservation and development of the musical culture.
 Music should sound!


  In 2008, with our participation, TubeTone Russia was founded, which was engaged in educational activities, modding and repair of music equipment, as well as representation in Russia of such brands as Diezel, Hiwatt UK, Jmi, Soldano, Friedman, Alessandro, Fractal Audio, Kemper Gmbh, Vovox, Bkp pickups, Heyboyer transformer ...
In 2015, we managed to create the first prototype of an amplifier of our own design, which satisfied all our aspirations in guitar sound. In 2016, the work on designing guitar cabinets was successfully completed, and in 2017 the first analog pedals of guitar effects produced under the Fortress brand appeared.